Colombian Jargon Emergency Hints And Tips. Almost certainly your favourite region in Latin The country, this Colombian slang tips will help you to fit in.

Colombian Jargon Emergency Hints And Tips. Almost certainly your favourite region in Latin The country, this Colombian slang tips will help you to fit in.

The next day will be the latest day’s the two calendar month credit in Colombia and I’m advancing.

Initially when I first arrived in Colombia I happened to be very aggravated because I could certainly not comprehend Colombians. Colombian jargon features its own collection of expressions and jargon.

I found myselfn’t certain that it had been since they happened to be mumbling, speaking swiftly or a variety of the 2.

Colombia is a country with thousands of population and a range of accents throughout.

This lends alone eventually kinds terminology getting adapted nationwide. Underneath, are among the most well known Colombian jargon statement, Colombian jargon insults and Colombian slang hello in most cases.

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Essential Colombian Jargon

The one thing I did recognize is the fact that there does exist a great volume of expressions that I did not read:


Listo actually mean ‘ready’ but the likewise utilized if one thing makes sense or cool or fine.

We hear this several times on a daily basis any time We 1st appeared I was thinking people were constantly wondering me personally basically ended up being ready.


With delicious aguardiente or scrumptious Colombian drinks it’s far too simple to grow to be hungover.

In Mexico they call it crudo, therefore natural. Nonetheless Colombian Spanish for hangover happens to be guayabo.

Sample: Este guayabo me personally va a matar…(EN) This hangover could destroy myself.


That’s ideal, this English statement can be used plenty in Colombia and its used to mean men, a girl or youngsters.

Situation: Este boy es muy buena persona (This husband is a very excellent individual).

a la orden

Colombians are extremely courteous and there is a sense of ritual as part of the talk.

Any person helping one, from a cab drivers to a food market clerk will say this for you personally. They literally implies ‘to arrange’ but is a whole lot more alike ‘at the service’.

I did not understand this one in any way, particularly if I would complain to cab staff that they happened to be asking me too very much therefore responded using this word which really implied put on the taxi gringa.


This is often made use of a good deal in Colombia and concerns whenever everyone seems satisfied or comfortable in most spot or circumstance.

Situation: “Te veo bastante amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo muy amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “I help you very happy right at the group” or “I view you very happy in the new home”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry which may be complicated. While in some other region this means ‘nice to meet up an individual’ I moving reading it right here from waitresses and various other provider folks whenever I thanked them.


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Caliente will not only imply beautiful but it addittionally ways aroused in Colombian jargon. I mastered this the tough approach if the party mate would not know I became mentioning I found myself very hot heat smart.

Improve: a sort good friend simply wrote me personally it actually was because I explained estoy consumidor instead of tengo calor. Lesson figured out.

Realizar una vaca

Even though this Colombian slang translates to prepare a cow. It is far from very far off.

The expression “Hacer la vaca” or “Hagamos la vaca” refers to collecting revenue among several individuals for a specific function.

Colombians take action a great deal to pick meal, for trips, for people, for birthdays, etc.

Instance: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s share our personal revenue together to be on escape when it comes to week-end.


If you would like easily fit in one should lose ‘si’ and initiate using hometown talk.


Colombians enjoy marvel at luxury and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t trimming it; you’ll typically listen to all of them utilize lindo/linda to descibe pretty issues.


This might furthermore imply “Monkey” in Colombia is used even more “mico o simio” to mention to a monkey.

Mono is employed a great deal to mean a crazy individual (people say with affection), hence, if you are a foreigner and blond, you will definitely find out a whole lot people call an individual “Mono” or “Mona” if you are a girl.

Illustration: You’re in a store therefore state “Que se votre procura mono” “What can I do available, blondie?


All how to claim something try fantastic although obviously chimba trumps chevre much the same way brilliant trumps exciting.

But be careful because chimba furthermore concerns female genitalia – although somewhat nice decide the two no less than appropriated it in a positive light.


Actually used to involve someone who is a really friend, that like a blood brother and that is always in happy times and negative.

In Colombia buddies in addition turned out to be an element of the children, although in Colombia they are most pleasant and so they make use of parcero getting much friendly and also enter in esteem.


Like our personal reduced expression in English ‘por support’ is too much for a lot of Colombians so that’s become porva. It was the only slang that irked myself when I would never get the verb in virtually any dictionary.

When we mastered these Chatting about how decided there was taken my favorite Spanish to another degree, without a doubt that is now but the next day I’ll be in Ecuador and there perhaps a completely new batch of expressions to discover.


This term can involve an item, circumstance or measures. Including: “?Que problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The french translation is definitely “What an issue with that thing!” or “That factor is damaged!…”

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