While its great that more people are finding-out about PrEP through personal references, this means that a lot of misinformation can also be passed along

While its great that more people are finding-out about PrEP through personal references, this means that a lot of misinformation can also be passed along

When it comes to preparation, there is certainly plenty of dilemma. While its big more everyone is finding-out about PrEP through word-of-mouth, that means that most misinformation can also be passed away along. As Canada’s biggest HIV reduction solution along with 3,000 on-line preparation appointments complete within the past year, we of specialists answer certain leading stories.

Check out facts to clear right up a few of the most common inquiries around preparation.

Myth: PrEP is really expensive

The cost of PrEP has come lower – loads. Historically PrEP was just available as Truvada, a branded drug that spending $1,000+ per month. The good thing is, fitness Canada authorized the universal type PrEP in 2016.

PrEP is covered throughout provinces, except Manitoba. It is also protected by exclusive insurance coverage. For many utilizing private insurance, at Freddie we offer patients up to $100 of financial assistance per month no matter what your earnings level. Thus, PrEP?’ is free of charge or low cost for most Canadians. We additionally created a 1 instant PrEP home assessment that can supply individualized and instantaneous feedback their eligibility free-of-charge or low cost, find out about it right here!

Misconception: I wont have the ability to put up with PrEP caused by problems

Although some moderate side effects can happen with PrEP, farmers dating sites they have been normally temporary. These side-effects could feature problems, sickness, abdominal discomfort, along with other GI issues. Rarely, the treatments in preparation may cause reversible kidney issues – one of the reasons we look at your bloodstream every three months. Happily, below 10per cent of men and women experiences any adverse side effects, and majority of people can carry on without having any problem or complications.

The fear of adverse side effects shouldnt keep your back once again from attempting preparation. Normal check-ups together with your service provider will ensure you are succeeding while on PrEP, and therefore any side effects tend to be handled. ?’

Myth: PrEP is just for those who have multiple couples

Discover a ton of different reasons to embark on preparation, and all of them are fine!

Individuals from all parts of society capture preparation. Whether make use of condoms, bring multiple associates, or your beloved possess HIV, preparation can be used by many people. The one thing they discuss in common is actually a desire to drastically lower their own risk of obtaining HIV.

Misconception: i could grab PrEP before making love

There was a good reason this is one common matter – its slightly challenging! Merely, we’ve a saying around PrEP: some preparation is superior to no preparation.

If we get into even more degree, the simplest and safest option is to just take preparation when day-after-day. This helps to ensure that you really have to 99% safeguards against HIV. But be sure to feel free to ask your carrier more info on this.

Misconception: On preparation, we do not demand condoms

Preparation supplies cover for HIV, however regarding various other STDs or STIs. The choice whether to put a condom or not was individual. But if you would like some protection against these some other conditions, it is advisable to utilize PrEP and condoms. An added good thing about PrEP may be the typical screening for bacterial infections whenever lab tests are carried out every 3 months, so we can lessen infection indication.

Misconception: Can PrEP be used after intercourse (no, this is what PEP is actually for)

This option is certainly not correct. Preparation is for avoidance. Taking preparation after prospective coverage produces no assurance that you will never become contaminated with HIV. That is what PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is for. PEP is similar to preparation, but it’s another pills, try taken for 28 period and must certanly be going within 72 days of whatever activity subjected you to definitely HIV. If you think you have been confronted with HIV, please get hold of your neighborhood public wellness company or urgent care service.

Surprisingly, PrEP works more effectively than PEP.

If you know you will be involved in any task that leaves your at a threat for HIV sign or you bring required PEP before, it is strongly suggested which you on a regular basis grab PrEP.


We’re therefore pleased you got a moment to be much more informed about preparation. Even this simple act demonstrates to you include having command over a heath.

When you yourself have more questions regarding preparation as well as your own danger of HIV disease, go ahead and reserve a free of charge phone consult with one of our physicians at Freddie. The Audience Is here to help you when making the conclusion that are right for you, so you can become you.?’

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