Grow More Oil for Long & Beautiful Nourished Hair 100 ml Pack with 20% Extra.

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Grow More

It has strong odour because of more than 50 natural herbs used in processing.

  • Grow More Hair Oil work in balance with your natural physiology by bringing blood flow back to dormant follicles.
  • Helps reduce hair loss by promoting additional blood circulation around hair follicles.
  • Restores lost proteins that increase hair follicle strength, and stimulates hair growth by encouraging the skin’s microcirculation processes of the treated areas.]
  • It nourishes hair roots, promotes and strengthens the hair stem.
  • Clean up a scalp with against bacteria and anti-fungal ingredients.
  • Prevent hair-loss, hair thinning out and early grey hair.
  • The massage benefits to sound sleep.
  • Restore dry-hair, kinky split-ends.
  • Promote progress of dense hair.

Our hair growth line was designed to rejuvenate hair strength for both men and women.

Grow More manufacturing Process

Grow More herbal oil is made by authentic Ayurvedic process. More than 50 herbs are boiled in 16 times water of their weight. When water is reduced to one fourth of quantity, the decoction is filtered. This decoction is then boiled with Til and Coconut oil till all the water in decoction evaporates. The herbs present in decoction get fused with oil and water evaporates. It is a lengthy process and takes lot of time.

About Herbs used in this Oil


The essence of the leaves shows growth in Hair, The one who massage everyday with this oil got Brighter and longer hair.

Lemon Oil:

It helps to grow hair, It is very usefull in the condition when the hair loss appearing in patches.

Croton tiglium:

It opens the mouth of the hair roots, and stimulates them to grow again.


Hair will be grown on the bald area By messaging on the bald area with extract of Bhringraj. The peoples who get hair loss they also will be benefited from this oil.

Nardostachys Jatamansi:

The extract of jatamansi oil is helpful in the growth of hair. It is beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair too.

Convolvulus Pluricaulis (Shankpushpi):

It shows the growth in hair of men & women.

Til Oil:  Vitaman A, B, C, E found in this Oil, it if fulfilled with Calcium and phosphorus. It makes hairs long & black. This oil increase the flow of blood in head area, also saves from pollution.


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