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This supplement is a unique combination of natural biotin,

  1. Eliptica Prostrata,
  2. Bacopa Monnieri,
  3. Phoenix Dactylifera L. 

Our Herbal combination will take care of Hair fall, premature greying and keep

the nutrition supply of hair roots by keeping arteries and veins functional. 

One capsule a day will make you to keep your hair intact.


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Bhringraj (Bacopa monnieri) extract contains vital nutrients. It also contains therapeutic properties, which provide relaxation to the scalp, thereby reducing hair fall and premature ageing caused by stress. In addition to reducing stress related hair fall, Bhringraj extract contains vital nutrients that can replenish the nutrients in both the scalp and hair, thereby reducing hair fall considerably.

Eliptica Prostrata - Stimulated hair growth: Studies have suggested that the Eliptica Prostrata extract can promote hair growth by stimulating the production of new hair follicles. These studies also reveal that the herb reduces the time taken for the entire hair growth process, right from the initiation stage to the completion stage, thereby promoting fast hair growth.

Phoenix Dactylifera L.- Vital hair and scalp nourishment: Saw Palmetto extract has a soothing effect on the scalp. In addition to improving blood circulation on the scalp, it may also help in stimulating the scalp for fresh hair growth.

May help reduce scalp itchiness: Lack of proper hygiene and increased humidity can lead to issues like scalp itchiness. Eliptica Prostrata extract contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to detoxify the scalp.